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Avocado is also known as avocado. It is mainly produced in South American countries including Mexico, Chile, Peru, etc.

Avocado has high nutritional value and effectiveness. It has the effects of beauty, anti-aging, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood lipids, protecting cardiovascular, protecting liver, protecting uterus and cervix, and improving hair quality.

Avocado is a kind of health fruit that combines fruit, grain and oil, its taste is dense and delicate, with a light fragrance.

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Avocado Maturity Stage
Avocado Maturity Stage

Nutrition Value/ Valor Nutritional

Componentes / Components              Por 100g / Per 100g

Energía / Energy                                             131 kcal

Agua / Water                                                 79.2 g

Proteína / Protein                                            1.7 g

Grasa Total / Total Fat                                   12.5 g

Carbohidratos / Carbohydrates                       5.6 g

Fibra dietaria / Diet Fiber                                6.7 g

Calcio / Calcium                                               37 mg

Zinc / Zinc                                                    0.64 mg

Hierro / Iron                                                   0.6 mg

Retinol / Retinol                                                7 µg

Vitamina A / Vitamin A                                     7 µg

Tiamina / Tiamin                                         0.09 mg

Rivoflavina / Rivoflavin                               0.05 g

Niacina / Niacin/                                         0.82 mg

Vitamina C / Vitamin C                                    8 mg


Avocado Calibers Classifications Standards
Avocado Calibers Classifications Standards

Yellow Pitahaya Fruits

Yellow Pitahaya, exotic fruit from Ecuador and Colombia
Yellow Pitahaya, exotic fruit from Ecuador and Colombia

Yellow Pitahaya is a kind of dragon fruit with only two original countries, Ecuador and Colombia inn the world.


It contains rich nutrients as vitamin  C , phosphorus, magnesium, iron and water-soluble fibers. Yellow Pitahaya’s  seeds are more beneficial than pulps , and contains more Polyphenols and vitamins  C. Polyphenols are antioxidants that help human body,  it is anti-aging and prevents all kinds of chronic diseases , such as cardiovascular disease and cancer,  while vitamin  C helps to make Collagen, imporves cell growth and repair, and enhance immunity. In addition, Yellow Pitahaya also contains rich polyunsaturated fatty acids and crude fiber, compared to the famous red Skin dragon fruit can promote intestinal peristalsis, helping defecation. It is very suitable for people with constipation. But Yellow Pitahaya tastes very sweet. People with diabetes should eat with precaution and with reasonable portion. Suggesting people who is gastrointestinal sensitive and children should have reasonable portion.  It normally recommends to be having half fruit per person per day. 

Freeze Dried Fruits, Perfect snack and food ingredients from fresh fruits
Freeze Dried Fruits, Perfect snack and food ingredients from fresh fruits

Freeze Dried Fruits 


Real Sliced Freeze Dried Fruits

Our Freeze Dried Fruit Packs include All Natural Bananas, Strawberries, Mangoes, Cape Gooseberry, Pineapple and Dragon Fruit. The fruits are freeze dried to preserve the flavors and nutrients of the fresh fruit with no additives or preservatives. A perfect choice for healthy, all natural fruit snacks    
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